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Rita Ora “I’m h…

Rita Ora “I’m homeless right now.”

On January 30th Rita Ora visited BBC Radio One and whilst on air she admitted to the radio presenter that she had vacated her flat after falling out with her neighbours and is now living with her sister. Rita Ora said that the neighbours didn’t like her very much, and she was being very loud during the recording of her second upcoming album, which features a single with boyfriend Calvin Harris.

Should Rita be homeless for doing her job? If she was your neighbour would YOU be complaining!? I know I wouldn’t 😛

Frankie Cocozza and Jodie Marsh scandal

Frankie Cocozza and Jodie Marsh scandal

So basically, I am a massive fan of Frankie and his new band The Telescreen (have a quick listen to them on YouTube they’re awesome) and obviously I know that what Frankie has done in the past means that he’s going to be judged by the press and the public now… But just because he’s said something in an interview that has been starred out and begins with the letter ‘f’ why do people assume that he had sex with her?!? It’s really not fair on him…

It’s not fair on Jodie either…

I sincerely hope that Jodie sues the arse off the magazine who published these stories because its complete lies!!!


What are your thoughts on this guys?



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